I’ve been thinking. Dangerous, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking of redesigning. Every programmer knows that, a lot of the time, rewrites a mostly a waste of time. I’m not quite sure about this one, though.

The current version of my robot

At the moment, the robot is a four-wheel-drive tank made out of a relatively cheap aluminium chassis. But, as I started thinking about tackling the Obstacle Course, I realised that its low-to-the-ground design is more of a hindrance than a help. Considering that a requirement of the challenge is to run it over some DIY equipment, perhaps some chunkier wheels and suspension would help. I know the rules don’t say anything about being the equipment having to be bulky, but it looks more impressive if it is. A screwdriver just ain’t as cool as a hammer. I have a BrickPi. I have a Lego Mindstorms EV3 set. Why don’t I just make it out of LEGO? That way my robot can have suspension, which definitely fits the “cool” factor.

I think I might do it, but I haven’t made my mind up at this point. I guess check back in a week and see if a did. Sitting here now I definitely feel like it.